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Commercial Window Cleaning for Swindon Busineses

Nothing makes a better first impression for your business than a beautiful entrance and gleaming exterior with perfectly clean windows. We use the latest water-fed pole equipment, which means we can reach and clean to a height of 19.8 m (65 ft) from our position on the ground and to clean taller office buildings,

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Soule Window Cleaning have been cleaning commercial properties in Swindon, Wiltshire. We use Pure Water with the latest water-fed pole equipment, which means we can reach and clean to a height of 19.8 m (65 ft) from the ground, but can also clean taller buildings with access platforms to

Gutter Cleaning

Blocked Gutters Cleaning gutters regularly prevents blockages. When gutters get blocked rain water won't wash away down the site and instead will spill over the top of the gutter and can then flow down walls which may then cause issue with damp and mould. Algae and Moss Gutter get blocked because of the build

Soule Window Cleaning Sponsor Golf Hole for CALM Charity Day

Soule Window Cleaning are proud to Sponsor a Golf Hole at Wrag Barn Golf Club CALM Charity Day 21st June 2018 Wrag Barn sponsor an Annual CALM golf day, which is a  Charity even for Children’s Cancer & Leukaemia Movement in Swindon.   Soule Window Cleaning has over 20 years experience in traditional and water-fed

Driveway Cleaned

  Block paving driveway cleaning Swindon Regular cleaning keeps the driveway clean of dirt and algae protects it from damage. It also makes it look much brighter and nicer which could add value to a house that is up for sale and be more inviting to potential buys.

Exterior Walls Cleaned

What a difference it makes having exterior walls cleaned! The dirt and dust gradually build up overtime as well as algae that starts to grow. Over time this leads to discolouration and can also lead to moss and plants starting to grow which will eventually damage the render and push roots into the brick work.

Clean Decking

Wooden decking becomes dull and sometimes slippery due to the build up of dirt and algae. So with the nicer weather on the way towards the Summer months, it is a good time to have your decking cleaned to brighten it up and prevent slipping.   We clean decking too!    Decking

Paving on Driveway Cleaned

Paving on Driveway Cleaned Dirt, moss and algae can make your block paving driveway  look dirty and make it slippery and dangerous. Our cleaning methods are  powerful enough to clean the paving yet gentle enough to ensure that there is no damage. We recommend that regular cleaning takes place to ensure that your property

Render Clean on new house

Although rendered exterior house walls have a tough coating that will last many years without needing to be cleaned, environmental factors nearby will affect the surface.   The render coating can become dirty faster if  you live near a main road, railway line or industrial estate. This duller, dirty appearance can be cleaned to

Cleaning fascia and soffits on house

This property had a lot of white fascia boards that had a build-up of dirt and mould. Our special cleaning methods remove the dirt and mould carefully to prevent damage to the fascia. The property looks clean and bright afterwards. BEFORE DURING AFTER

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