Roof Cleaning

Scraping and Treatment

We are number one in the area for Roof Cleaning. With our gentle approach to cleaning we can bring your roof back to life, improve the appearance of your property and reduce the amount of guttering clearing/ patio cleaning of moss.
At Soule Exterior Cleaning we use hand scraping tools and techniques which gently removes any moss, lichen and debris from your roof.

My advice to you, is DO NOT pressure wash your roof, this could cause very expensive damage and could significantly reduce the life expectancy of the roof. With our gentle approach we get to inspect your roof as we go, and can advise of any problems with the integrity of the roof if they were to arise.

Once the roof has been scraped and all debris removed, we then have an optional Biocide treatment that we use on the roof to bring back the colour of the tiles to their original state. In most cases this can make the roof appear brand new. The Biocide treatment removes moss spores and lichen. It will continue to work over months as will prevent new growth for years.

At Soule Exterior Cleaning, we don’t have set roof cleaning costs. With each roof enquiry we quote individually.
Our call out quotation service is absolutely FREE and includes a full inspection of the condition of your roof. We’ll recommend a plan of action and quote you a fair price, taking into consideration the size of the area in question.

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