Roof cleaning in Swindon

At Soule Exterior Cleaning we use a gentle method to remove unwanted excess moss and debris from your roof.
We scrape away the moss with specialist tools. Once this process is completed, we then treat the roof to a Biocide* treatment which prevents rapid moss re-growth. We do NOT pressure wash your roof, this can cause major damage to your roof.

Why remove the moss?

Moss and algae can cause issues with your roof in the long term and can cost £££’s to repair or even replace. The moss can cause water ingress either through the roof or where it collects in the gutters or dips in your roof.

What is Biocide?

Biocide is a treatment applied to the roof once all the debris has been removed. This treatment prevents moss spores from populating quickly with just a simple scrape or water wash. Biocide also brightens and cleans the roof tiles so they appear cleaner and in most cases will make your roof look new.

Do you need access all around my house?

The simple answer is yes, we will need to be able to access the roof from a scaffold tower which will need to be erected alongside the house.

I have a conservatory on the back can you still clean the roof above this?

We will always perform a free no obligation quote prior to agreeing to do the work. We will advise if your roof will benefit from the cleaning and treatment and also if we can access the entire roof.
If you have any questions about our method or if you would like us to give you a quote, please get in touch.

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