Pure Water

Pure water window cleaning in Swindon

Here in Swindon, and most of southern England, our household tap water is ‘hard’. That means it contains a significant amount of calcium and magnesium – known as hard water deposits or ‘limescale’ – as well as other minerals and impurities.

When you clean your windows using ordinary tap water, these deposits are left behind on the surface of the glass once the water has evaporated, leaving a spotted and streaky finish.

The water we use for window cleaning is thoroughly filtered to remove all impurities, leaving your windows with a spotless crystal-clear finish. A constant flow of pure water is sprayed onto your windows while the brush loosens stubborn dirt and grime, then the window is rinsed clean.

Using pure water means we don’t need to use any detergent, making it the environmentally-friendly option. Also, detergents can leave a residue on windows, which dirt and dust can stick to. Windows cleaned with pure water stay cleaner for longer.

How does it work?

Our machines produces pure water either by passing the tap water through resin crystals to deionise it, or through a special osmosis membrane to extract the minerals from the water.

The water is stored in a tank on the van and, when onsite, it is passed through a hose in a pole and through the holes in the brush head, onto the glass.

It is the combination of friction from the bristles and the strength off the now-pure water,which does the work. The brush is held a few inches away from the glass and the window rinsed from top to bottom, leaving to dry naturally to a crystal-clear finish.


  • SAFER – The high-reach poles mean we spend less time on ladders, in compliance with health and safety regulations. They also enable us to reach previously inaccessible windows – we can reach to over 16m (30ft) high from the ground.

  • EFFICIENT – The finished result using pure water is perfectly clean, smear-free glass with NO need for any chemical detergents. We can also clean the window frames at the same time.

  • VERSATILE – As well as windows, we can clean commercial premises, signage, canopies, fascias, cladding, conservatories, driveways, patios, and more!

  • CONVENIENT – Our pole system minimises disturbance to, and protects the privacy of, the occupants of the building we’re cleaning.

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